October 25

I was a kid. A 13 year old entering into some of the most confusing years of my life. Arm issues left me incapable of playing sports and a crippling shyness left me unable to do much else. At 43 it is weird to look back at 13 and say I was lost in the world. I had barely taken any steps at all in this world at 13, but somehow, that is what I felt. Lost. Confused. Lonely.

Why I Cried After a Baseball Game in June…and it Wasn’t because of the Kidney Stone

Perhaps I don’t need to explain myself, at least not to die hard baseball fans and certainly not to other Mets fans.  My friends and family certainly couldn’t blame me.  Yet, I feel like I must walk through that evening, nearly three weeks and do just that...Explain why I cried after a June baseball game.... Continue Reading →

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