Epic of the Amazins: 37 AGS – 046 Mets Breath of Fresh Air

About this project: I am no Chaucer or Homer (in the Greek poet sense), but through the 2023 season, I will be writing a poem about each Mets game in an epic poem style. Obviously, I hope this will not be another tragedy! The poem will be in the left column, and the translation will be on the right.

Breath of fresh air, again youth takes the lead,

Clutch hits, big bats, men on base,

All the things a desperate team need.

Boy Baty and Alvarez the Savior making a strong case,

They bring joy and intensity back to Citi.

They give the game a winning pace.

Polar Pete keeps hammering pretty,

And Lindor’s bat is starting to wake.

This team suddenly seems strong and gritty.

Game 46: May 19, 2023 vs Cleveland Guardians
WP: Smith (3-1)
LP: Clase (1-4)


The Mets young guys are getting some big home runs and getting on base, leading the team to three straight victories.

Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez are making themselves invaluable to the team and difficult to send back to the minors.

Pete Alonso hit a grand slam in the 7th to tie the game. Francisco Lindor gets three hist including the game-winner in the bottom of the 10th inning.

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