Epic of the Amazins: 37 AGS – 045 Series Win

About this project: I am no Chaucer or Homer (in the Greek poet sense), but through the 2023 season, I will be writing a poem about each Mets game in an epic poem style. Obviously, I hope this will not be another tragedy! The poem will be in the left column, and the translation will be on the right.

Is this series a turning point back to glory?

Will season highlights highlight this series?

Only time will tell this series’ impact story.

I hope that when this scribe is asked these queries,

I can say, “Yes”, this was the catalyst,

On which we based the new winning theories.

Team win. Megill held them down with flicks of his wrist,

Pham the Bam and Boy Baty did their part,

And Polar Pete HR streak still exists.

Game 45: May 18, 2023 vs Tampa Bay Rays
WP: Megill (5-2)
LP: Littell (0-1)
SV: Robertson (8)

Game 44 was a huge win for the Mets and following it up with another win and series win against the best team in baseball gives home that the Mets are back on track.

Tyler Megill had a great start as both Tommy Pham and Brett Baty made big contributions to the win. Pete Alonso has now hit home runs in thee straight games.

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