Baseball Style Poems, Set B

by Thomas Keenan

Baseball Styles Poems are a style I created where there are three stanzas with three lines in each and three words per line.

Child FieldHit the ball,
Start to run,
With some clout.

Catch the ball,
On the run,
Amidst the shout.

Throw the ball,
Stop the run,
Man is out.


A jump left,
A dive right,
That’s the shortstop.

Running into left,
Play it right,
On the shorthop.

Snag with left,
Toss it right,
Rally does stop.


There’s a ball,
That’s a strike,
In game one.

Hit the ball,
Quickly to strike,
Towards the sun.

No more ball,
Blue did strike,
Game is won.

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