Ode to Mr. Met

by Tom Keenan

Mr. MetThe Hall of Famer with a giant head,
A true blue heart with orange thread.
A smile meant to bring laughter and joy,
Of this, enouge just cannot be said.

Mr. Met brought on a smile for my little boy,
Who looked up in wonder at this living toy.
His smile would last for hours to come,
Asleep he would fall to hapiness cloy.

Traditionalist against him beat the drum,
With nothing to say outside their glum.
They just haven’t opened their eyes to see,
The integral part of the team he’s become.

Born forth his image came in 1963.
In ’64, Shea Stadium became his place to be.
Mr. Met paved the way for all the rest:
Even before the green Phanatic of Philly.

For years he was gone, perhaps on a quest,
But when he came back the kids were blessed.
He was missed for all those years at Shea
So happy he is here, the children would attest.

For he is there to bring joy and play,
He brings smiles and awe even in disarray.
Thank you, Mr. Met for all that you do,
And, I hope, you are always here to stay.

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