The Triumph of Spring

Baseball in the grassStretching in the Spring sun, my soul awakes.
Winter’s frost swept asunder; melting in the infield chalk.
Heart thumps awake from hibernation’s lethargy.
Mind sparks forth from solemn sleep.
Hallelujah, Awake my soul…Spring has returned.

Autumn failures fall aside, stored away for skeptics.
Each club stands tall in Elysian’s green grass.
Hope emerges from Winter’s mortal defeat;
Strong in the vernal equal stocks.
Hallelujah, Awake my soul…Spring is restored.

Baseball’s cathedral’s await no more.
Hope’s diamonds sparkle from sand to snow.
Heart and mind and soul find peace.
Refreshed. Renewed. Rejoice.
Hallelujah, Awake my soul…Spring has triumphed.

Play Ball.

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