Opening Day Countdown (Advent Calendar): Day 5 – The 1884 World Series

I assume everyone here has heard of and uses Baseball Reference, but it is one of my favorite sites out there. It has changed very little and is a throwback to the early days of the internet. It is also extremely functional, making so much of baseball history easily accessible. Trying to remember who was on base when Terry Pendleton hit that devastating 2-run 9th inning game-tying home run off the Mets in that huge series down the stretch of the 1987 NL East pennant race? Just check out the Baseball Reference (it was Willie McGee, BTW). Want to know if Moonlight Graham was an actual player? Just go the distance.

And are you curious about the very first World Series ever played? So was I and found that it was just an exhibition series, but the Providence Grays beat the New York Metropolitans (no connection to the modern Mets) three games to none in 1884 and Old Hoss Radbourn (seriously, check out this guy’s stats…he won 60 games that season) started all three games for the Grays and only gave up 3 unearned runs in 22 innings. If you want to see the full stats for the series, check out Day 5 below.

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

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