Johan’s Elbow

Spring training is just barely a few games old,
When up my spine ran a shiver so cold.
Santana and elbow and sore and missed start
Are words in one story that could break my heart.

In the last two years, these stories have played for the worse,
Even as officials say “Don’t worry, we’ll stay the course.”
This Mets team, by its very definition, are a scenario of the worst case,
And I get visions of the Mets star in an Inquisition type arm brace.

I hold out hope, however, and take a deep breath.
There is an entire season ahead and plenty of spring left.
Spring is about hope and faith in your team.
It is the time to believe in your wildest dream.

Because even if his injury turns out quite serious,
It does not end a dream of World Series delirious.
Teams can adjust, rebound and move on,
You can’t write off a season because one guy is gone.

So, I hold out hope that Johan is okay,
For now it is just too early to say.
However, even if an injury kept him out for a whole season,
I’d learn to believe and dream for a whole ’nother reason.

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