A Magic Night At Shea

I loved Shea Stadium and there are times I still miss it. The first time my wife saw it when I took her to see my office it was a cold overcast day in Queens which gave the stadium a bit of a weird color. She looked over at it from the Grand Central Parkway and said, “What is that? THAT is Shea Stadium?” She hated it, but she is also a Phillies fan, so…

I have so many great memories of both working in Shea and attending games as a fan. One day, perhaps, I’ll write more about that. But this week, over at Ghosts in the Grass I wrote about one of my favorite games inside the Stadium…Game Five of the 2000 National League Championship Series when the Mets advanced to the World Series.

It was a Magic Night at Shea: https://ghostsinthegrass.com/2022/06/24/a-magic-night-at-shea/

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