Mr. Willet’s Fears of the Second Half

Everyone keeps telling me that the 2022 New York Mets are not the 2021 New York Mets. That this team is different. That they won’t choke the way they did last season. And while I do believe that, I still fear the second half.

They are a better team than last season. While they have struggled a bit, they have done well without two of the best starters in the game and a backup. Max has come back strong, and deGrom seems to be on the verge of returning from his year of injuries. On offense, they seem to be just a trade or two away from fixing their DH problems which may allow us to get away with not having to fix some of our bullpen issues.

No doubt this is an exciting time to be a Mets fan.

But so was the first half of 2021. And the late 80’s/early 90’s. And the Wilson/Pulse era. And the Harvey days. And…2007…and 2008. They were all very exciting times to be a Mets fan…until the moment they weren’t, and those moments were awful.

The Braves are breathing down our necks, and I look forwards to a great pennant chase…as long as it is a chase and not just the Mets throwing in the towel and watching the defending champs sprint past us through the finish line of the NL East while we try to grasp at a Wildcard birth.

Like Billy Beane, I want to win the last game of the season. I haven’t seen my baseball team win the last game of the season since I was 13. I’ll be 49 this August, and my world begs for that final win.

Yes, I am optimistic, but years of watching this team have me feeling a bit antsy about them. I am really hoping I can enjoy the second half, despite this feeling.

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