Uh, Oh..

I am of little faith with this bullpen for the moment.  Lingering musk of late season collapse or just early season rust?

BallWhich bullpen is the real bullpen?  The dominant one of Opening Day or the hapless one that almost gave the game away?

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro…are you in someway infected?  Have you a virus that that vetos victory and gets them rejected?

Or, is it the uniforms?  Is there something sinister in that shade of orange that sickens steel arms to fade?

What in the name of Casey Stengle happened last night?  Why must this bullpen be such a blight?

The game was saved, alas, but some much axiety and it’s not even game three.

But the Pelf man showed true maturity and so much heart recovering from such a rough start.

Delgado came throught even in an out and Schneider cleaned up the bases to give rise to a rout.

Pitching proved potent on the first day, the bats boomed brilliant blowing game two away.

Good teams pick up the pieces that fail, but I admit, my confidence (because of September) is frail.

Being 2-0 is definately no bust, I just don’t know where to trust.

Yes, it’s early to raise the panic flag, but my heart is orange and blue and this is nothing new.


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