A Tribute to Rusty in Sonnet Form

A friend of mine scored me a ticket for the Mets home opener at Citi Field.  As thanks, I promised her a tribute to Rusty, her favorite player.  I also don’t want to talk about tonights game. So, a tribute to Rusty in Spenserian Sonnet form is below. It is also my first attempt at a sonnet since 11th grade (that’s 19 years for anyone keeping count).
Rusty StaubDaniel J Staub, April fool, orange hair,
A favorite son of New Orleans town.
Twenty three year odessy played with flair –
Houston, Detroit and other teams abound.
Le Grand Orange, Rusty – his name renown.
Gentleman, friend to team and fan alike.
His love of the game could not be kept down.
Many a pitcher feared his bat strike,
Many rival fans hearts, his bat would spike.
Foli, Jorgensen, Singleton – A Met.
Instant fan favorite – hard not to like –
A Love affair his smile would beset.
It’s hard to think who the Mets would be
With a past that’s free of our dear Rusty.

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