Limericks: Ollie, Church and Desperation

When someone mentions limericks, I am sure 99% of you out there automatically think of a man from Nantucket.  Yes, then lend themselves to jokes, which might be why I was inspired to try some while watching Perez pitch and Murphy field.  However, there is more to them than that and in my constant pursuit to try new things with this site, I am going to publish series of them from time to time.

Let me tell you about a pitcher named Ollie.
Against good teams he made Mets fans quite jolly.
When a bad team comes to town,
Home plate just cannot be found,
And he becomes the starting five’s folly.

It was a sad story in 2008 for Church.
Two concussions left him in a lurch.
Now his head is back,
His bat is on attack,
And Ryan stands tall in his right field perch.

Two September failures hang in the air,
And a new park was open to much fan fare.
It doesn’t matter how,
The time is now,
To end these loyal fan’s despair.


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