Epic of the Amazins: 37 AGS – 010

About this project: I am no Chaucer or Homer (in the Greek poet sense), but through the 2023 season, I will be writing a poem about each Mets game in an epic poem style. Obviously, I hope this will not be another tragedy! The poem will be in the left column, and the translation will be on the right.

Carrasco fed to Fishes, flops again.

Six earned, six hits, failed four and two thirds.

Mets need him to step up and win.

Bullpen holds tight, see if bats have words.

In final four plus, they just allow one,

But the offense was stuck, a game for the birds.

Behind the plate the rookie gets to show his gun,

But the little Fishies steal at will,

And this was one without the fun.

Game 10: April 9, 2023 vs Miami Marlins
WP: Scott (1-1)
LP: Carrasco (0-2)

Carlos Carrasco his horrible again, giving up six runs on six hits in 4-1/3 inning. The Mets need Carrasco to pitch better.

After that, the bullpen finishes the game holding the Marlins to just one more run the rest of the way. However, the Mets offense could not get going.

Francisco Alvarez makes his first start of the season and the Marlins attempt five steals. Alvarez is unable to throw any out.

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