Epic of the Amazins: 37 AGS – 013

About this project: I am no Chaucer or Homer (in the Greek poet sense), but through the 2023 season, I will be writing a poem about each Mets game in an epic poem style. Obviously, I hope this will not be another tragedy! The poem will be in the left column, and the translation will be on the right.

Long first for young Tyler Long Beach Megill,

Manny the Man Machado the full count walk,

Tyler then gets behind and sails Soto something to drill.

From there, he settles in and Pods can’t find a run to stalk.

Just two more walks, two more hits, and three K’s in five,

Help him to win three and ace of staff talk.

Pods pitchers struggle to hold off Nimmo, who came alive,

With a double, two hits and two big RBI.

El Sonriso and Polar Pete continue to revive.

Game 13: April 12, 2023 vs San Diego Padres
WP: Megill (3-0)
LP: Snell (0-2)
SV: Ottavino (1)

Tyler Megill has a difficult first inning. After walking Manny Machado on a full count he gave up a home run to Juan Soto.

After that, however, the Pods can’t find the plate and only have two walks and two hits. He wins his third game and looks like an ace.

Brandon Nimmo has a solid game and Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso each hit home runs as the Mets win.

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