Epic of the Amazins: 37 AGS – 016

About this project: I am no Chaucer or Homer (in the Greek poet sense), but through the 2023 season, I will be writing a poem about each Mets game in an epic poem style. Obviously, I hope this will not be another tragedy! The poem will be in the left column, and the translation will be on the right.

Baby Butto gets the call to pitch in a pinch.

Max the Mad is skipped; Unsettling for sure.

But the rookie call-up barely even shows a flinch.

Bullpen gets a bit shaky, lead was not secure;

The Polar Pete is a peach, smacks the tie in nine.

Then Nimmo saves the day with a play so pure.

Despite being the winning run, grown tired of Escobar’s line,

He’s a black hole in the lineup, a jester on this quest.

It’s time to give Baty a chance to shine.

Game 16: April 16, 2023 @ Oakland A’s (10 inn)
WP: Yacabonis (1-0)
LP: Moll (0-2)
SV: Robertson (4)

Due to a minor injury, Max Scherzer’s start was pushed back three days, and Jose Butto was called up from the minors to pitch. He was great, holding the A’s to one run on five hits in five innings.

However, in a rarity, the bullpen gives up the lead in the eighth inning, giving Oakland a 3-2 lead. However, Pete Alonso ties the game with a long home run in the top of the ninth. With the winning run on second in the bottom of the ninth, Brandon Nimmo made a fantastic diving catch (his second of the day) to prevent the hit and likely run to score.

Eduardo Escobar scored the winning run (as the extra-inning ghost runner), but continues to struggle at the plate. He grounded into a double play with the bases loaded to end a rally in the ninth. Brett Baty looks like he will be called up and should get some time.

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